Be you….!!   [1 min read]

You’re not the wheels, that drives under someone’s heels,

You’re not the sheep,that runs in afraid of beep,

You’re what you might don’t know,

Their is more than what you show,

Specs under your eye making you week,

Remove them and look within your deep,

Pealout the anger,live for your soul,

Or else you will slave of your own,

Now you are all alone,their is you and your clone,

Clone needs reply but the probe is unknown,

Since its not the end,

Atleast your breath is in your hand….!!!!


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Only lane!!![2 min read]

Scurrying like a sheep,

You’re sinking more to deep,

Their is a troubling path,

But,be attentive to your heart,

You might get confuse,

But don’t get it loose,

There are ups & Downs,

But victory all around,

Toil to get the one,

For all you yet to learn,

This you’re relishing it,

Loveing it & wondering it,

But your crave for more,

Ruling up the seashore,

Well its your judgement,

You have copper & backhand,

You want more or you want breath,

Because for further time is not left……!!

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Love is life!!![2 min read]

I really don’t know how to tell you,

But,My fondness are in a queue,

They all want to terminate,

But,there is a dread of your hate,

Pondering about the consequence,

That i can’t able to bear,

I aware that you know,

But you want me to show,

There is a fear,

That left me unhear,

What if you feels the same,

Then it be painless to claim,

There I want to interrogate,

But the terror return again,

Its not cinch to understand,

As there is no evidence,

May be i was wrong,

There is a world of your own,

 Lets breaks all the walls,

After that,i’m all yours…

                   Let it come out,

                                 now or never…..!!!

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The situation

Fight with fear ,live like lionheart,

The more you think the more you fall,

Its nothing but an age factor,i know,

You want the change but you couldn’t,

Is thereis  any need for being in know what i mean,

We born alone in this world and make change the minds,

This is a game you are the players of it live like a survivors not like  hiders,

Show them all who you are,
Not to sit idle go out and migrate,

What you find is truly amazing,

My child there is light in every single hole of streets,

And lets us all shout together,


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