Love is life!!![2 min read]

I really don’t know how to tell you,

But,My fondness are in a queue,

They all want to terminate,

But,there is a dread of your hate,

Pondering about the consequence,

That i can’t able to bear,

I aware that you know,

But you want me to show,

There is a fear,

That left me unhear,

What if you feels the same,

Then it be painless to claim,

There I want to interrogate,

But the terror return again,

Its not cinch to understand,

As there is no evidence,

May be i was wrong,

There is a world of your own,

 Lets breaks all the walls,

After that,i’m all yours…

                   Let it come out,

                                 now or never…..!!!

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Walk alone!![1 min read]

Walking through the door, 

The boat is at the chore,

You might don’t wanna go,

But the trail is not your own,

Since the ground is untold,

Gear oneself up, you are not apprised off,

You will not suffer alone,

There are many more,

What you see is face of sphere,

At first you get bemuse,

But later you get deduce,

Now you are conscious,

Because this is obvious ,

 The lane is limitless,

You wander with others,

“well, if that’s what you wants, then you should leave”

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