Love thoughts

One day everything will be ours,whatever we have plan for of future will come and i will share the same kitchen.we will make chapaties together even you unable to make the them day you will have everything that used to belongs to me. You will rule the me. I will play with you flirt with other in front you to make you feel jealous. When you be in an angry mood i will make faces to make you laugh. At the end of the day we will have your favourite chocolate ice cream and i will not going to share it with you. I will your slave forever and i want to be the same for my rest of my life.

Story of fear😎

Have you ever think about the poor men cleaning the train coaches.not all people have noticed it when they come to clean our coach.they dont even do begging for money instead they provide us the service and then they ask for money.not all people in the coach give them money,instead some of us even think while giveing them money.

I was travelling from gwalior to delhi in train. That day I have noticed one of the major problem that our mind is facing, the problem of fear.

The thing happen that one child came and start cleaning our coach,when he over with his cleaning process he demands money.out of 9 peoples 3 of us gives them money may be one or two rupee that point only one transgender came and ask for the money.she herself says that she cannot take less than 10 rupee.all of us gives her the money and she left with her blessings only.intangible services.

At that point I realised that this is what fear is. Fear of society,fear of culture, fear of unexplained thaught. That day i relised that we all are living in ocean of fears.where we are control by fear and suffer by fear. Fear is the ultimate purpose of life , which one has to accomplish to achieve maximum in life.

I want such roadtrip..!!

Why I love roundtrips ??I love road trips because I love driving each time when I touch my steering wheel it gives me immense heat and confidence, this feeling is with friends, play music which suits you.sometimes I drive slowly so that I can hear my favourite song full before arriving at the destination.

The first time when I drive car I was 16 years old, hahaha… I know but no was Santro car my friend taught me how to drive a car and I am thankful to him because no one in my house knows how to drive and after I learn it we bought a car.The carr RR RR Yeaaaaa.

Each time I went one a road trip, I try to learn with my previous mistakes and be careful while driving.“don’t go with the flow be with the flow.” I gain knowledge which you can use each time you go out.and that knowledge has flooded into other aspects of my life.

there is only one goal of my life which is my dream that to drive across the country in my car, the longest, the greatest, the unimaginable.“I want such road trip”.

Sometimes the best road trips are those which are unplanned.I still remember my schools days, every Sunday my friends came to my house early in the morning without informing me before spoiling my sleep and takes me to that tea shop which is 40 km away from my town, my parents let me go because they have trust on them.“slow drive, saves life”doesn’t apply to those guys.(phat ke aa jati hai kasam se unlogo ke saath).i want such road trip, a road trip with my buddies.

The other best thing about a road trip is that we meet fascinating peoples.meeting new peoples is a blessing to us.they guide us about the directions although we have google maps but still, we confirm, these peoples also let us know about the new destinations near their town, the specialty of their spot and also suggest precautions and remedies to be taken while going through.just get connected with them.I want such trip.

I love scenic road trip, this is my personal favorite because it gives you memories to remember which is life long.imagine standing on a top of a hill and the view you get and the breath refills all you with happiness and you find this road trip fruitful.the kind of road trip which gives you wow type feeling , I want such roadtrip.

For every roadtrip create your own BIG PICTURE take photographs and videos of everything which makes you crusious.this will create memories, memories are never ending.memories which make you live again the same time , I want such roadtrip.

The roadtrip which fills colors to your life, this time you will say we want such roadtrip.

Be you….!!   [1 min read]

You’re not the wheels, that drives under someone’s heels,

You’re not the sheep,that runs in afraid of beep,

You’re what you might don’t know,

Their is more than what you show,

Specs under your eye making you week,

Remove them and look within your deep,

Pealout the anger,live for your soul,

Or else you will slave of your own,

Now you are all alone,their is you and your clone,

Clone needs reply but the probe is unknown,

Since its not the end,

Atleast your breath is in your hand….!!!!


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Only lane!!![2 min read]

Scurrying like a sheep,

You’re sinking more to deep,

Their is a troubling path,

But,be attentive to your heart,

You might get confuse,

But don’t get it loose,

There are ups & Downs,

But victory all around,

Toil to get the one,

For all you yet to learn,

This you’re relishing it,

Loveing it & wondering it,

But your crave for more,

Ruling up the seashore,

Well its your judgement,

You have copper & backhand,

You want more or you want breath,

Because for further time is not left……!!

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Love is life!!![2 min read]

I really don’t know how to tell you,

But,My fondness are in a queue,

They all want to terminate,

But,there is a dread of your hate,

Pondering about the consequence,

That i can’t able to bear,

I aware that you know,

But you want me to show,

There is a fear,

That left me unhear,

What if you feels the same,

Then it be painless to claim,

There I want to interrogate,

But the terror return again,

Its not cinch to understand,

As there is no evidence,

May be i was wrong,

There is a world of your own,

 Lets breaks all the walls,

After that,i’m all yours…

                   Let it come out,

                                 now or never…..!!!

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Walk alone!![1 min read]

Walking through the door, 

The boat is at the chore,

You might don’t wanna go,

But the trail is not your own,

Since the ground is untold,

Gear oneself up, you are not apprised off,

You will not suffer alone,

There are many more,

What you see is face of sphere,

At first you get bemuse,

But later you get deduce,

Now you are conscious,

Because this is obvious ,

 The lane is limitless,

You wander with others,

“well, if that’s what you wants, then you should leave”

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The situation

Fight with fear ,live like lionheart,

The more you think the more you fall,

Its nothing but an age factor,i know,

You want the change but you couldn’t,

Is thereis  any need for being in know what i mean,

We born alone in this world and make change the minds,

This is a game you are the players of it live like a survivors not like  hiders,

Show them all who you are,
Not to sit idle go out and migrate,

What you find is truly amazing,

My child there is light in every single hole of streets,

And lets us all shout together,


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